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B2B Demand Generation

Focused Account-Based Marketing leveraging digital media like rich content comms, intelligent website and account-based focused events.

In 2016, one of the world’s leading enterprise software provider set a goal to increase demand generation with more focused account-based marketing approach to increase lead generation productivity and reach.

Account-based Marketing – a focused approach

The Asia Pacific wide program involves conceptualization, creative, compelling content and developing of domain-relevant copy to stimulate engagement with prospects in the financial sectors across Asia.  The use of smart media targeting platforms provided useful analytics and insights to enable marketing to extend its value chain from awareness and education to stimulating desire for engagement and finally providing higher quality of quailed leads and opportunities to the salesforce.  It is believed that this process supported more than 60% of the buying journey with the new digital buyer!  

Using a persona-centric approach in our digital media campaign, we targeted distinct buyer personas: technology, compliance and business users. For each persona, we developed messaging that resonated with their business challenges. We also leveraged smart media targeting using search, display, and account-based web platforms to reach their target audience.

An interactive and visually rich website & rich media content

For each of the target account, the team developed focused media engagement platform (smart website) and visually attractive rich media content to support the entire prospect nurturing process. 
DeXT designed a clean and crisp appearance for the microsite that immediately brings to mind both the brand and the proposition. 

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