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We experienced for ourselves the wonders of efficient, energy-saving convenience when we integrated smart home technology into our own homes. It was only a natural progression that we extended our passion into service. 

We believe that smart home technology should be accessible to everyone affordably, tailored to your lifestyle choices.

Our business model endeavors to the customer. We pride ourselves on being easily accessible, affording round-the-clock support to our customers. We also retail innovative Chinese Smart products at competitive prices to complete your smart home. Browse our products here!

Kitchen with Marble Island

2 Room and 3 Room Package

Gray Theme Bedroom

4 Room and 5 Room Package

Our Mission

“Building the future of living together, creating smart living spaces for you and your loved ones’ health and happiness”.


We offer zoom & on-site discovery, to understand your living space and your preferences.


A proposal with the design, automation, costing and timeline.


On-site Tour, Design & Job Confirmation, electrical and Installation, programming

Training & Support

Have round the clock support with DeXT Smart Living!

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