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At DeXT, we create the future of living, creating smart living spaces for you and your loved ones.

Living in smart connected homes used to exist only through sci-fi movies, but is fast becoming a norm. With the exponential acceleration of digital 4.0 technologies, why limit connection, convenience, comfort and cost-efficiency from your homes? Here at DeXT, our smart living vision is to bring you connected living spaces, with affordable solutions tailored to your personal lifestyle choices and needs. Embrace a digital lifestyle with DeXT Smart Living, and the living spaces you once dreamed of can become your reality.


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Our Team

Passionate about leveraging technology for your benefit, our team is always thinking about creating connected experiences tailored for your lifestyle choices. Experts in the industry, our team comprises designers, automation specialists, software programmers, coaches and electricians, along with a panel of contractors.


Pragmatic about creating spaces of convenience, comfort and cost-efficiency, our team never forgets the importance of aesthetics and ergonomics. With sustainability as one of our core values, we make it our responsibility to align our living solutions to green agenda, deploying energy-efficient solutions.