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Digital Immersion Events

At DeXT we say, do it distinct, do it digital, we don’t just deliver an event, we deliver immersive and interactive event experience leveraging the most engaging digital technologies!


Our event experts are simply fueled by passion, combining the art of creativity and the science of digital technology to deliver the most powerful connecting experience! One the engage and excites, emoting audiences to your brand!  Truly building brand, growing businesses! 

At DeXT, you can leverage our event’s mobile application to:- 

Real-time Communications 

Chat bots 

On-line course / Quiz 

Share photos, videos and powerful moments captured

Feedback / polls

Instant messaging feature 

QR Code


Analytics / Powerful data-driven insights 

A platform where you connect simply with your audience on real-time messaging platforms, navigating them with your own chatbots, collection of powerful data driven insights with engagement quizzes, feedbacks or polls throughout the event.  Downloading of presentation deck & collaterals by simply by scanning of the QR Codes!


Maintain connectivity with your audience pre-event, at-event and even post-event and stimulate continuous engagement with live-blogs and SME on-line sharing.

Call us to add your digital toolbox

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