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Digital Campaign

At DeXT, we design holistic engagement across digital platforms for a integrated digital marketing experience.  We start from a piece of white paper, our digital strategist and creative team will synthesize information, design campaign, develops tools and compelling content, execute campaigns, monitor and track performances, while continuously tweak and improve campaign effectiveness delivering an engaging campaign, growing brand value and delivering business results.  

Leveraging full digital marketing capabilities in SEO, SEO . SEM . Intelligent Website/Mobile Apps, Analytics, Social Media, Smart/Intelligent eMails system for your campaigns.

Rich Media


Integrated Digital Campaign
Integrated Digital Campaign

At DeXT, we help brands engage more effectively by leveraging rich media content with inspiring creatives using digital photography, infographics, animation, 360 videos, virtual reality or emotive copy.



Rich Media Content
Rich Media Content
Rich Media Content

360 videos




QR Codes

QR Codes technology is widely adopted in many part of our modern digital lives today.  At DeXT, we help embrace this technology into your daily operations and marketing programs greatly enhancing customer experience and employee experience! 



Social media is an undeniable force in our digital world. 

Post It . Instagram Story . LinkedIN . WeChat …….. more than ever, these social media platforms are engagement channels that are integral to our daily lives. An Instagram Post or a Facebook Live Moments can increase brand awareness, draws consumers’ attention and inspire purchases with just a few clicks.  It is almost impossible to find someone you know who does not  own at least one social media account. As a matter of fact, 90% of young adults aged 18 to 29 use social media (compared to just 35% of those over 65 years old)while a third of millennials say social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses.

A compelling social media campaign has the power to inform, inspire, interact and immerse audiences with your brand.  

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