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Herbalife Digital & Social Media

Raising brand engagement in Asia Pacific & China

 Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company focus on wellness with a wide range of products based on scientific body weight, nutritional supplements and personal care. In a drive to raise social media engagement with hundreds of thousands of members across 16 countries in Asia Pacific, DeXT developed an award-winning campaign looking beyond promotion of products to elevate the brand into a new arena, caring for the holistic wellness of its members stimulating engagement, expanding to increase reach to new prospects catalysing it’s demand generation program.

Rich Media Content

Our media strategist, developed an integrated campaign theme “BetterLive” focuses on how Heralife cares for its community to #LiveBetter, #EatBetter, #FeelBetter.  The campaign generated hundreds of media assets adopted across the region, including gamification, contest and animations

Social Media

The program optimized facebook and Instagram activation with #hashtags that we owe, drive wellness education through creative media and engaged members and fans to publish and share their success stories, share their personal experiences. The program increased audience engagement allowing them to develop a personal connection to the brand.

Increase Socialfication  >18 million impresson Raise Engagement Level 

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