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The World is Re-Written in Code!

Are You Ready?

At DeXT, we leverage on all things digital to help businesses ride the industry 4.0 digital revolution, transforming brands and growing businesses enabling the digital adoption, making you embark on the digital shift with the greatest speed, ease and performance breakthrough! 

#DoITDistinct   #DoITDigital

The new world digital Experience is empowered by the latest digital technologies that puts customer-centric interactions in the heart of all that we do.


Businesses today can leverage digital technologies across its entire value chain, transforming customer experience, driving operational excellence and enhancing employee engagement!

Welcome to the New Digital World, call us to fully leverage our digital tool-box to transform your business today!


Chatbot . Social Media . Analytics . Personalization . UX Design . eCommerce . Interactive . Virtual Reality . 360 Videos . database . CMS . AI . Robotic Process Automation! 

The Rise of the Machines

Welcome to the New World

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)


SME Go-Digital package &

programs to ensure business


(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

Your People

Your Greatest Asset,

keep team motivated

for peak performance

"Cutting Edge"

"People Edge"

"Digital Edge"

(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

Transform Your Business

Embark on 

Process Redesign

and Automation

(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

It's time to Re-Imagine!

Re-Branding Campaign

To Super-Charge your


"Branding & 

Marketing Program"

(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

Are you ready for

a digital world?

Take Your Business Online!

(Websites, apps, e-commerce platforms)

(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

Enterprise Development Grants available to help companies

Build Core Capabilities (esp Digital)

Human Capital Development (psychometric report with training)

Innovation & Productivity (eCommerce, website, app automation)

(Claim up to 90% of fees)

*valid till Dec 2020

Get in touch with our certified consultant today
• Be registered and operating in Singapore
• Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
• Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

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Digital Transformation ToolBox


Chatbot . Social Media . Analytics . Personalization . UX Design . eCommerce . Interactive . Virtual Reality . 360 Videos . database . CMS . AI . ML . Cognitive Robotic Automation

Digital Marketing Services


At DeXT, we help brands engage more effectively by leveraging rich media content with inspiring creatives using digital photography, infographics, animation, 360 videos, virtual reality or emotive copy.

Digital Immersion Events


At DeXT we say, do it distinct, do it digital, we don’t just deliver an event, we deliver immersive and interactive event experience leveraging the most engaging digital technologies!



Personality I.D.® is an ENHANCED DISC-based profiling for self-discovery and team dynamics discovery – The Power of Knowing!

Performance Breakthrough Program supported by scientific personality profiling tool PID (enhanced DISC) for individuals and Building Stronger Teams Program for groups. 

Digital Connect


Get the inside scoop on both our digital agency and the digital world.



Leverage the rise of robots to transform your experience.


Ride on Intelligent Robotic Automation!

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