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Intelligent Robotic Automation

Are you equipped for the Automation Phenomena?

We are living in the genesis age where machines/robots operate, learn, adapt and take on logical decisioning, so when should businesses invest in automation and become less dependent on human resources? How should they co-operate and leverage the bots without the fear of technological unemployment?

Introducing automation is almost essential for any organization to see immediate productivity improvements, operational efficiency and savings.  Depending on the complexity of each task, a robot to human ratio can range from an average of 1:5 to 1:10. The ROIs with digital automation are phenomenal and predominantly a self-funding project.

These dilemmas are pressing organizations to shift their mindsets, from a narrow-minded framing of jobs for singular task workers, to moving the humans up the value chain by changing their roles to be multi-skilled, requiring creativity wisdom and ingenuity.

At DeXT we help you create the ideal world for your business to thrive in this digital age to lead in productivity and profitability. From concept discovery to operational realization in a matter of days. We see automation as a capability that helps organizations define the “operating model” for parts or all of its business, through a framework, set of capabilities, and varying technology solutions, information assets to meet the objectives of organizations, empowering people with machines!

Our automation offering includes a spectrum of digital functions including chatbot integration, cognitive capabilities, AI machine learning etc… fit for purpose according to your individual business needs.

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