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About Us - The New Digital World

The World is Re-Written in Codes!  Are You Ready?  

Lead in Digital Experience!  

3.8billion out of the 7billion people on earth engage in the digital world across multiple channels (web, mobiles, social, search and eCommerce), with the  average person operating in at least 2.5 channels at any given time.  

We are standing in the greatest and fastest revolution of our times, industry 4.0 accelerates exponentially at an unprecedented speed of transformation. It took us 100 years to progress from farms to factory, 60 years to build out a service economy but futurists predict we will only take 10-15 years for the Digital Revolution.  We are at the beginning of a decade of the proliferation of industry 4.0 technologies that will dramatically change the way we #work, #live, #play and #haveourbeing!  

Welcome to the Industry 4.0 era, a World Re-Written in Codes!  

At DeXT, we leverage on all things digital to help our clients ride the industry 4.0 digital revolution, enabling your businesses to embark on the digital shift, transforming brands with greatest speed, ease and performance breakthrough! Consumers are riding ahead in the digital shift, more than ever brands need to start to build emotive connections with their audiences leveraging on intelligent digital technologies (AI, ML, Analytics, Chatbots, Social, Mobile, Intelligent Web, Virtual Reality, UX, 360 Videos, Animation, Infographics, eCommerce etc…) to offer them an, interactive, fun, easy way to connect and do business. 

Your Digital Specialist

At DexT, we have a team of digital strategist, tech evangelist, creative, activation specialist  to design immersive and interactive campaigns to engage your audience differently #DoITDistinct#DoITDigital. 

Give us a blank piece of paper with your business objectives, we will take it from there! Synthesizing all the information, from designing your digital engagement strategy, co-creating with our specialists to ideate and develop compelling content to the execution of the campaign plan, as well as providing a digital toolkit required to track performance, tweak content and improve program effectiveness continuously.  

At DeXT, you can count on us to design and develop engaging digital campaigns growing brand value and delivering business results.  

#DoITDistinct #DoITDigital #AllThingsDigital #DigitalMarketing #DigitalTransformation

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