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Digital Employee Engagement

Digital Team Building | DeXT BUILT-TO-GIVE

When we observe how organizations operate as teams, it is invariably evident that the companies that focus on teamwork and collaboration produce explosively better performance.  These are also the companies who maximize the strengths of every individuals. Why? Because being a part of an effective team can bring forth wonderful increases in the work ethic and strength attributes of the individuals as well.

DeXT aims to harness the power of digital revolution to transport team building programs into a new level of effectiveness with the use of technologies throughout the program. The program aims to transport your teams into the future of digital engagement now. The DeXT “Build-to-Give” team building program provides participants with digital immersion as they interact with digital engagement platforms (all through a intuitive mobile app on the participants’ mobile phones - eCommerce, Crypto currency, gamification, real-time performance dashboard, feedbacks, quizzes, polls, social comm within the group, sharing moments with videos/chats/photographs etc)  throughout the course of the program. 

We are in the business of building a product, a service, a project, a program, a company the list goes on and on and on with people and technologies.  The entire team building program is centred on bringing teams together to deliver on a specific objectives/tasks. Its motive is to emulate the reality of our day-to-day challenges and constraints such as resources limitation, the need to prioritize task, distribute requirements using the right talents for the right task, getting diverse characters to learn how to harmonize and optimize their performance under tremendous time constraints, external influence, all while operating under the pressures of a competitive environment. 

Teams are mobilised in these environments to pull together to build something of significance with a philanthropy/CSR element.  The end-product is donated to a selected charity, elevating the program’s purpose for individuals – Doing Good . Having Fun . Digital Immersion . Building Strong Teams! 

This powerful collaboration, communication and connection platform on everyone’s mobile can be adopted for day-to-day use in managing high performance teams. It gives the leaders a real-time dashboard providing a view of team engagement and performance across all gamut of team collaboration, connection and communication.   It greatly increases engagement through fun and easy to use mobile platform.



Digital Personality Profiling

Personality I.D.® is an ENHANCED DISC-based profiling for self-discovery and team dynamics discovery – The Power of Knowing!


Performance Breakthrough Program supported by scientific personality profiling tool PID (enhanced DISC) for individuals and Building Stronger Teams Program for groups. 

The program leverages Personality I.D.® is an ENHANCED DISC-based personal assessment tool that accurately profiles for individuals and teams 22 major attributes, realization of which will unleash powerful motivations and energy for performance breakthrough.  Participants are required to conduct an online test that will take no more than 10-15 mins for them to provide the most truthful and spontaneous responses. A personal and team dynamics report will then be generated and provided to participant via a consultation session. 


This is a very powerful program for small teams to better optimize collaboration, enhance communication and unleash team’s unlimited creative energy.  Participants walk away with an individual personality profiling report that will gives individual richer insights into their own unique personality and how to optimize personal performance, while the team will be provided a team report that shows its collective team dynamics, the realization of which transforms how team operates and optimize personal contribution to group performance breakthrough.  Our team testimonial always results in greater engagement and trust index with the realization or self and team collaboration dynamics, discover opportunities to optimize team performance and identify the team’s area of struggles or potential gaps that they must deal with or close. 


To better optimize the session, the assessment and consultation will be coupled with a 4-hour program to stimulate collaboration, enhance communication and unleash creativity with a combination of powerful principles via multi-media and multi-sensory illustrations that will encourage you with perspective experiences, empower each one via provocative exercises/games/role-play and practical activities sessions.

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