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IDA Singapore

Nation-wide Digital Lifestyle Adoption Campaign

Digital Media . Events . Mobile App . Social Media 

Info-communications Media Development Authority (IDA) appointed us to execute a nation-wide project on advocating digital lifestyle. 

As the nation’s leading digital entity, IDA wants to run a nation-wide campaign to catalyst Singaporean’s adoption and transformation to a digital lifestyle.  Based on the objective to stimulate hundreds of thousands of Singapore to adopt a digital and mobile lifestyle, we constructed an integrated marketing campaign involving

Digital Ambassador, Stefanie Sun

We produced a series of educational videos featuring our digital ambassador Stefanie Sun, Singapore celebrated celebrity and artist. The entire scope from storyboard, casting to production of the videos were undertaken as part of the integrated marketing campaign.

Mobile App

Within 10 days of its launch, Mobile Read was downloaded more than 40,000 times, indicating a significant interest in mobile readiness among Singaporeans. It was rank among the Top 10 free apps on iPhone’s App Store “Top25” three days after its launch.

Mobile Lifestyle Adoption Roadshows & Exhibition

A series of roadshows across Singapore libraries to stimulate engagement and adoption of Mobile Read as well as a big event exhibition featuring different lifestyle transformation to a digital experience across 3-days garnered more than 100 000 active participants.  This exhibition involves a very successful education of the non-digital natives to embark onto the digital and mobile lifestyle! 

Gamification – Digital Tikam

Bringing to life a well-known Singapore traditional game but transforming it to gamification on a digital game allowing Singaporeans to immerse in a new digital world experience while reliving the good old times!  This game was the star and draw of the show, engaging more than 100 000 Singaporean across the 3-day exhibition! 

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